Another day dawns

Every time you wake and greet another day it’s an opportunity to live differently than yesterday if that’s what you choose to do. No one has ever said you have to get up and be the person you were the day before or think the way you did then or worry about what the day is going to bring. It is ALL in your control and it is ALL your choice.

If you haven’t had a good nights sleep (and that is the case for me most nights) it’s your choice how you feel when first plant your feet on the floor to begin your day. In fact it starts before that. Those first few seconds of waking and assessing internally how you feel and what you are doing in the day to come are vital seconds to get your mindset positive for the day.

Don’t lean over to the bedside table and check your emails, read the news (which I can guarantee won’t be positive) or answer messages that may be sat waiting from yesterday. Get up and do something positive. Excercise, read a few pages of a personal development book, listen to an audio book, meditate, write a gratitude journal, go for a ten minute brisk walk – absolutely anything that will kick start your body into the positive. 

Whatever you do it has to be something you love and something you can do every day. I get up at five every day, read, mediate, blog, exercise, write my gratitude journal. It’s my one hour of me time every day (see The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod for the why and how) and yes that’s early for a lot of people and impossible for some, I get that, but the routine is critical for me to make the best out of my day. I’ve done it for a year and it’s probably the best strategy I created in my day.

Unless you have left this life in your sleep another day will always dawn, so why make it the same as yesterday. Even if yesterday was a good one today can be better. Life is too short to wake miserable, angry, fed up and for you to keep it like that for the day. We all have those days, it’s completely normal, it’s what you do with that emotion that counts. Do you want to drag it along like a weight tied to your leg, limping through the day, weighed down or do you want to say “okay I see you’re there, I acknowledge you but actually you have to stay in this box today until I can deal with you (you have to  go back and deal with it at some point, you can’t just leave it there). It’s choice.

So a challenge for tomorrow…. When you wake do something different, do something positive and vow to keep that positivity going all day. See how far you get. Remember you are in control of how you deal with the day, you may not be in control of others but you can control how you allow them to affect you. One day is all I ask.


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