Find your creative

In a couple of weeks I have made space in my schedule to take two days out to find my creative. I am so busy doing what I love that from a business perspective I need the time. I know my business plan needs work and I know there is an option for another leg to my business but whilst I am doing the do every day I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I have booked two days to go to a place I don’t know, to stay in the equivalent of a shed and all I am taking is some food, a notepad, some paints, my music and my imagination. Let the creative juices flow.

I’m a little bit scared as its the first time I’ve done anything like this but a whole lot of excited about what will come out. I am opening myself up to nature, meditation and know what’s inside me will come out and I will make some sense of the noise in my head. The jumble that are my thoughts will begin to take form, make sense, become something tangible.

How do you go about giving your thoughts space to become reality? How do you go about giving your thoughts space? How do you go about thinking? How do you go about dreaming of what’s possible? How do you switch off what you do and think about where you could go? 

I create space for people. I hold that space so they can step into it and lose themselves in their thoughts and their dreams. I guess I am the gatekeeper between reality and possibility. When a client lies down on my massage table they should be able to forget. Forget I am there at all, forget worries, forget reality, forget what they are making for tea or where the next pay cheque is coming from. All they should find there is possibility, dreams, what ifs. You never know what you find in the space someone creates, you may find courage, ambition, belief, freedom.

So when I go on my expedition into my own head and see what’s in there I am trusting myself, my creativity, my desires, my strengths, my thoughts of endless possibility. 

Step into the space created and find your thoughts.


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