What is a dad?

With it being Father’s Day I thought it only right to pay tribute to the very essence of dads. 

Without my dad I wouldn’t exist so he’s pretty vital in the equation that is the creation of another human being. I know nowadays you can do it all quite differently and you can get dad from a test tube etc but I’m happy knowing I was created with love. An accident I may have been but hopefully an accident  dad never regretted. 

So why is he so important? 

Easy. He was there whenever he could be when I was small and whilst mum did all the day to day stuff of family life and kept us together, happy and healthy, dad worked every hour God sent to make sure we had what we needed. No not toys and holidays and cash to do with what we wanted; he provided a warm, safe environment, a home. He provided security in the knowledge that he was always there when we needed him. He was never too tired for cuddles, giggles, playing on the carpet, swimming, balancing me upside down on his feet, dancing with me. He was love.

As I grew up he took me places I’d never been, he stretched the possibilities I saw in life, he showed me anything was possible and let me try, discover and sometimes fall down. He was always close by to pick me up again. He introduced me to people and experiences that made me curious about life and he never told me I couldn’t do things.

My dad is 80, my dad is slower than he used to be, he seems to have shrunk and he’s having to take more time to think things through but he’s my dad and I owe him everything I am and no words will ever, ever be enough to say how much I love him.

 If I could choose the dad I wanted, I would choose the one I have. For every day I have on this earth I have my dad to thank for them and although being far away I don’t get to see him often, I carry him in my memories and my heart every second of every day and am grateful.

Thank you dad for being everything a daughter could ever ask for, need, want, love.


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