Being gentle isn’t being weak

At what point did we as women decide that we had to be like a man? When did we think that matching them beer for beer, swearing, fighting and not allowing love in was a good thing? What happened to the women who are gentle, ladylike, who appreciate a door being held open, who take a compliment with thank you and who looked like women?

I love the fact that women can be who they need to be, are strong, courageous, doing jobs they choose not that are chosen for them but at what point did they think they had to behave like a man to do it. Feminine doesn’t mean giving in. Ladylike doesn’t mean inferior. Gentle doesn’t mean weak. 

I hope I have taught my daughter to be independent, strong minded, brave, to ask questions, to achieve everything she desires but I hope I have installed in her to love herself, care for what she looks like and how she comes across to others, is aware of her impact on others and to be gentle in her treatment of all she comes across in her lifetime. I hope I have taught her that she can know her own mind and still be cared for, romanced and treated with respect. Everything she gives herself she has a right to expect and allow from others.

There’s nothing wrong with drinking, dressing to please yourself, being the person you are inside and being true if, and only if, you are doing it because it’s who you are not who you think you should be to fit in.

Being a woman is the most fabulous thing in the world. Embrace the woman you are, not the one you think society and peers expect you to be. Be all that is feminine, whatever that means to you and be it with confidence.


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