It’s like Finding Nemo

I hope you know this film otherwise this will make no sense at all ! Finding Nemo, the story of a small damaged fish looking for adventure, over protected by his loving father, always wanting him to stay in the ‘safe zone’ in his life, for all the right, good, loving reasons I hasten to add. 

What happens when we stay in our safe zone? That place where we know where we are, what everyone’s expectations on us are, there are no road bumps we can’t manage as we know where each of them are without looking and where the people around us have giant pieces of bubble wrap up for us to land on should we go too fast or fall over. What happens when we stay? Do we grow, thrive, expand our zone, learn? We may to a certain extent but not a great deal.

What happens if we knock all the walls down, jump straight onto a motorbike and race out into the unknown? Well I guess it would certainly be exciting and quite scarey and a little bit dangerous, especially if you don’t know how to ride and don’t have a licence.

What about taking the middle ground? Once you recognise the need or desire to expand your world away from the sea anemones and move you out towards the shelf that drops you into the deeper ocean, take a look at what this takes. See what you may need to take with you, what skills, what knowledge, where the dangers may be lurking and what they may be, tell people where you are going to make you accountable but keep you safe and most of all have fun on the adventure because an adventure it is. Preparation creates success and ensures you don’t dive back to your safe zone after one try.

You will meet people on your journey, embrace the new, the different and learn from them. You will know who is to become a friend and who is better left behind. Trust your judgement. You will learn many things about you, about life and about others. Enjoy the new experiences, make a mental note of what worked and what didn’t. Don’t shy away from standing out in a crowd. Regret nothing. Even if it didn’t work or you weren’t over excited or it took you down a path you then had to reverse up it doesn’t matter, it’s all part of learning, of the experience of living.

Life will happen, with or without you changing the status quo, it’s the natural order but life gives you choices, growth, fun, laughter, new experiences, self development and life allows you to live and feel alive. All you have to do is turn up and decide you want to take part. Nemo had his adventure and his father found him and saw a new Nemo, a well developed, stronger, braver, happier Nemo. Be Nemo!


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