Letting go

🎶I can’t seem to master the art of letting you go🎶.  Infamous song lyrics rear themselves in my thoughts this morning. 

I have been undertaking a mammoth adventure recently of letting go. Mainly letting go of emotions that I’ve held onto like a security blanket, but some people and some things. It’s a very difficult subject to approach because there are times when you don’t even know what you need to be letting go of, you just know there’s something. Be patient, the realisation will come if you are determined to allow change into your life.

You cannot just throw things out without understanding why you need to do it or I can assure you from experience, they sneak back in when you aren’t looking. Like when you try and spring clean in the house, there will be a sense of hoarding inside you where you find reasons why you need to keep something “just in case”. No. No. No. Let it go. Put it in the proverbial bin bag and throw it out. Don’t box it and put it back in the cupboard or you will experience the desire to open it again one day.

Feeling certain emotions can be a habit and why do we acquire habits? Because they give us a feeling, a sense of achievement, a buzz, a kick that we enjoyed and want to feel again. Even if it’s a negative feeling, it’s powerful and makes us feel alive. Having a clear out of emotions that don’t serve us breaks that habit and yes there will be a sense of loss, of bereavement and emptiness but do you know, you will grow, in strength, in a feeling of empowerment and in worth.

Emotions are one thing, letting people go is hard. A void in their shape seems to stay and you can feel like you are carrying it constantly at your side but again you have to wean yourself away. For a while, if it helps, avoid places you’d see them, go to, associate with. If you have a chance  of bumping into them, imagine and practice what it will feel like to be able to acknowledge them and wish them well without hankering on like a lost puppy. If you will never see them again, think of them in a good place, a happy place and attach a good strong emotion to it without feeling sad. Again this takes practice.

Emotional baggage, habits, fear…. You aren’t unique, we all carry them round with us but it is what you do with it that is the difference between a sense of freedom and restriction or sadness. Imagine what it will feel like when you have decluttered your head, your heart and that sense of pride, satisfaction, empowerment, strength, peace that you will feel inside, the things you will see and hear like its the first time because this blockage has been removed. Huge. Hold onto that and when you are struggling, take yourself there, see it, feel it, touch it, taste it, smell it, allow it to overpower your senses and it will get you through.

Letting go is a massive step in being a stronger, more determined, healthier you. Enjoy the journey, make it a game if you have to, just don’t avoid doing it because of fear. Remember the why. Imagine how fabulous you will feel. Imagine the freedom. I know you can do this….


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