It’s good to talk – it’s an art form to listen

Everyone needs someone they can talk to, even the most stable appearing person has issues so don’t assume they don’t need you to listen to them.

Not everyone is loud and spills their innards at a moments notice to anyone who is passing by, so watch the quiet ones carefully and be ready to lean into them and hear their whispers.

Even the most eloquent speaker can struggle finding words to express their innermost thoughts and insecurities so take time and wait whilst they gather their thoughts.

Everyone is different, that’s what makes us such amazingly interesting humans, different abilities, different gifts, different needs but that also means we handle things differently but one thing we definitely have in common is the need to talk to someone, especially when we are troubled, confused, sad or frustrated by that marvellous adventure we call life.

Listening to another is a skill. Sometimes we hear words but not their meaning and sometimes even when we’ve listened intently we are helpless to offer anything but a hand to hold. Never assume that because you are listening that you need to also be the resolution. Sometimes you cannot help, occasionally you have to just be the ears and not the voice returned.

Listen today. Listen for the small silent cries for attention or help or advice or guidance. Watch for signs but don’t assume that someone’s silence is a cry for help. Sometimes they just need to be in their own space.  

Listening is an art form, a skill, a gift and if you have it use it well and use it wisely. If you don’t why not learn, you never know when you might feel it’s time to use it.


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