The flowing river

Life begins like the very beginning of a river, whether that be from a mountainside, a forest, or just a hole in the ground where it’s managed to break through the dry ground…it begins.

The river will follow the natural landscape it finds and where it finds a blockage in its way it will find another, gently moving, searching, finding. As it grows, increases in size it gains momentum, strength, power and those blockages stand less chance against it. Where before it may have found another route now, with its power, it can push them out of its way or simply ride over it. 

Continually flowing, growing, and with strength and beauty it finds its way, even when huge from rainfall and overpowering the environment around it, it has a natural beauty. It can be dangerous if not respected. It can take life. It can be a source of inspiration, fun and playfulness. It’s a creator of life and a home.

We have much to learn from this God given source of life, of beauty, of strength and yet we abuse it by taking away the environment it exists in, we ruin it by polluting it with our human rubbish, we block its flow to serve our own purpose, we fail to see the beauty because we do not look at it. Is this how we treat our fellow humans too?

Water is precious, water is life giving, water is beauty, water is a home. You are precious, you give life, you are beautiful, you are a home, a home for love. Don’t abuse your body, don’t pollute others with your rubbish, don’t block anothers way to serve yourself and look and see the beauty in yourself and others and be a home for love.

We have much still to learn from nature.


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