When your world awakes

Sat in what you think is silence, the moment you really focus on where you are now you find the birds singing in the garden, a gentle rumble of farm equipment in the distance, a rhythmical beeping that you can’t quite place and a thumping, almost pounding noise that is alien to you. The latter being your own heartbeat.

The world is never silent but when you really live in that single moment so much noise is going on around you but not the usual crash and bang of a day but simple noise, noise that makes you smile and an awareness of your own humanity is experienced.

That pounding that you can hear and feel in your ears and your chest is you, it’s life, its freedom, it’s courage, it’s excitement, it’s the rhythm to which you live, it’s a miracle and it is yours as a gift and one that you are totally responsible for. How you use it, care for it, prolong its existence is entirely up to you. You can choose to live by its beat or try and set another. That I think you will find is more hard work than necessary. Go with the beat, go with the rhythm. It is yours at the end of the day, no one else’s.

With a gentle rain falling and birds swooping and gliding, chasing the morning bugs for breakfast. An owl. An early bird enjoying the morning or late one heading home I wonder. The purple headed flowers, well weeds but too pretty to pull out, waving in a gentle breeze. The quiet broken by a single car and then back to the birdsong of the wren, the robin, the blackbird, the blue tit and the goldfinch all going about their morning rituals. The house begins to wake in the background as I hear a bed creak in the distance, feet padding to the bathroom, the dog sniffing at the door and still the thump in my chest reminding me to enjoy this moment.

When you take just a few moments to really hear, see, smell and feel it, you will realise what a beautiful world we live in. We have no control of all the atrocities taking place, we can only pray for their peace to come. We can control our world here and now and we can enjoy this moment because no sooner as we enjoy it, it is lost once more to time and time passes quickly as we know only too well. 

So when you can take time and hold it for a moment, listen to your world awake as you listen to your surroundings and feel the space you hold. Listen to your world as it will tell you all you need to know if you just listen with care and attention. When your world awakens enjoy all the gifts it brings and be thankful.


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