Fake or Real

Do we live in a world where we know what is fake and what is real any more. Fake appears to be acceptable. To recreate your body, to add or enhance the norm but when you go to bed at the end of the day and the false lashes are off, the nails your own, the tan washed down the plug hole and the naked you is before you in the mirror is that the real or the fake?

Do we know who is who anymore? Do we now which is the real version of a person? Do we know what lies beneath what we see? I’m not sure we do.

I feel really let down sometimes by people, people pretending to be something they aren’t. Pretending to gain approval, friendship, love. People saying one thing doing another. People hiding behind a text or an email. People hiding behind an image that really isn’t them. For what purpose? To deceive? To lie? To gain power? To commit a crime? I’ve no idea but I know it makes me sad, so sad inside that I can feel physically sick at the thought of being lied to on a daily basis by people I thought I knew.

Can I control how they work, what they do, how they go about their lives? That’s a resounding no. Can I control how I feel about it, how this affects me, whether I interact with them or not? That’s a resounding yes and it’s the only thing I can control, that and what I choose to do with these emotions.

Today I choose to turn away from the false, the liars, the dupers, the thieves, the cruel, hard faced concealers of the truth. Today I live my life with choice. With choice to be happy, to trust those I believe in and a world I want to live in. The rest I’m afraid will have to line up outside, they can knock but they can’t enter again unless it’s my choice.


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