The long farewell

How many years can you take to say goodbye? How many times can you say I love you knowing it’s not enough? At what point do you say enough, life has to change, for me I have to, it’s time to move on? It can take forever to let go and it can feel like longer and impossible and hurtful and exhausting.

Whether this is saying goodbye to another human being or your old self, it’s a really hard thing letting go and saying goodbye. When you know you need to do it to secure your future, your sanity, your health, even when it’s hard it’s so very courageous to do it. If you’ve done it my heart goes to you and I truly believe you are the most courageous person I’ve never met. If you need to do it but haven’t yet quite managed as of yet be assured if it’s the right thing to do you will feel more like you when it’s done.

Letting go, saying goodbye and wishing someone well is hard but do you realise it’s probably the best thing you’ve ever done. It’s your choice, it empowers you, it gives you an inner strength. It’s gives you a future to do whatever you are required to do to make your life happier, more peaceful.

It maybe the first time you’ve ever really taken control of your life and it maybe the only time you need to as the only way from here is forward. Don’t look back. Don’t do what if and maybe. There is no need. If you’ve said goodbye it’s because you had to, because it’s the only way for your to feel better in the long term and because you know deep down its right. If it was for someone living they’ll understand, if it’s someone past they too would understand.

Goodbye is forever, goodbye is not easy, goodbye leaves a hole but it is the right thing, it’s is the best thing and you are the most courageous person for taking this decision, making this choice. Be prepared to congratulate yourself when time has passed and you can see straight once more as you deserve your own praise.

The long farewell today may feel like you’ve got lost but believe me when I say you are totally on the path you are meant to be on. Be strong. Have faith. I’m proud of you.


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