A new slant on past phrases

We grow up with phrases that we interpret and accept and yet later on we really look at these and with different eyes hear and see a different meaning. Yesterday I had a phrase highlighted to me, one I have grown up believing to be true and yet now I question its validity.

“Saving for a rainy day”. I was raised believing this is what you should do. I never actually managed it so the pot is nearly always empty but it’s a mindset that has remained with me. I trusted it, believed it was what you should do because my parents and grandparents raised me to believe this is true.

So let’s turn it on its head and think differently. If you save for this rainy day there is an immediate assumption that one is coming…..

This is where I now struggle with the concept. I have worked so very hard on my mindset of positivity in everything I do and say and am that this now feels wrong. I don’t plan for failure anymore. I don’t plan to not achieve what I set out to accomplish. My intent is to succeed in all that I do, so why save for a rainy day?

My list of ‘will do’s’ is written and I ensure that I focus on see every single day and visualise them as already with me and naturally being financially secure is one of them. My focus for this is not saving for a disaster that actually I have no intention of letting happen but to ensure that I earn enough to break even and then when I want more to earn it. I now know what that looks like, how to go about it and how long it will take. It’s not saving it’s working harder. Working harder is not more hours it’s working differently and knowing exactly what this additional work looks like for me.

It may mean an additional business bringing in an another income stream. It may mean setting my prices differently. It may mean working what I already work, just smarter to achieve more from the same. Whatever the situation needs will dictate the outcome but I know for sure it won’t be taking what I earn and holding some it in a pot for that day I will not allow in. 

Perhaps you have phrases or values that you live by that you have assumed is a positive focus. Revisit them and see if there is another way – I believe there is always another way of you want something bad enough.


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