When it’s time it’s time

I have had a fabulously crazy few weeks with so much change I’m surprised I recognise anything, especially me. The world is moving fast and for the first time ever I am happy to go along for the ride without worrying about the mode of transport, who my fellow travellers are or even my destination. Are you with me on this?

I can remember that it really wasn’t that long ago that I was scared of life. I was too afraid to stay where I was, go back or step forward and this paralysed me to within an inch of my life. What if. What if. What if….. with fear, dread, hollowness, sadness, tears and pessimism.

Now it’s what if with a totally different mindset. Now it’s a what if with excitement, wonderment, belief that it can only be good, progression, successful, inspiring, purposeful, positive, achieveable, fun, passion filled…. the list of descriptive words is endless.

Everything about what I do and who I am has been achieved from a determination to never go where I have been, ever again. A bloody mindedness that the darkness will never take my ankles and whip my feet from under me again but also a passion that I can show others how to do the same, simply, with relative speed, definite ease and successfully if they are ready to go on a journey with me. That knowledge that I can take a person from their darkest darkness to their brightest most joyous sunshine is what gets me out of bed every single day. I can only do it with permission though. I cannot help anyone who isn’t sure, isn’t ready, still can’t admit they are stood in the shadows. Even though I can see them, hear them, touch and feel their pain, I can do nothing until they step forward and say help me.

Sometimes I want to drag people from the rain and show them rainbows but I know this life, if it were compared to a train ride, would for them be where they are still only just packing their case never mind buying a ticket or boarding the train to the future that currently seems bleak. Frustrating but at least I am now aware and on standby for that call.

For me it’s time to move on again, emotionally, in my business and in my relationships and for the first time in my life, seriously the first time ever, I cannot contain my excitement about what is waiting for me. All I can say is I am lucky, I am lucky in that I fell down because it enabled me to know what it was like down there and what is needed to get back up but I don’t want to try it twice so hold the memory and not the emotion. I accept others aren’t ready but I know I am for when they are.


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