Making memories

We take lots of photos on our mobile devices these days but I am not sure how many people actually print these off, put them in an album and look at them or share them in that way anymore. Probably the world of social media these days is our photo album. The art of taking photos, selfies or otherwise, is the art of making memories and a skill we should never lose. I like to think people are making those and storing them in their hearts too.

I see many people at events, their children’s parties or sports day or on holidays glued to their devices taking videos or photographs, that I do wonder sometimes how many are actually taking part in life and making memories to store in their hearts. I know they have the evidence on their phone or camera but you are an outsider looking in not actually taking part and if you watch the entire school play through the lens how can you possibly be present, how can you possibly be soaking up the sounds, the atmosphere, the world outsider the camera lens? What are you not seeing or more importantly perhaps feeling by viewing it second hand?

Sometimes perhaps we need to put down the camera, the phone, the video recorder and take part in life. You may not be able to show the physical picture on Facebook but in years to come you will have the most amazing memories in your heart, and, let’s be honest, the 1500 people you shared that with 10 years ago won’t give a hoot whether you still think about it or not. Your memories count.

I love taking photographs and I love going back to them and reliving that moment or sharing them with a member of my family far away but on dark days or when I’m on my own, the memories I carry in my heart are as important, if not more important, than the ones on my phones. I have very few photographs of my mum and there was certainly nothing life a mobile phone in those days to recall her from but the memories I have of her, right back to my childhood, although sometimes prompted by a picture someone gets from the box, are indelibly etched on my heart as that is where the original picture was taken.

Take pictures but make memories too.


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