I meditate each morning and my blog words appear but some days there is nothing and today is one of those days. I have nothing to say. It used to worry me as I felt we always needed to share something, some thought, some emotion with another human being but clearly not today.

Yesterday was full of noise, celebration, chatter, high emotion and laughter. Today is still, peaceful and silent. I love the yin and yang.

I adore this time of day where the world is weakening, the birds are singing in the trees in the garden, the sun is already high in the sky and no one else in the house is awake. This is my time, my hour of self indulgence to mediate, read, focus, reflect, exercise and be thankful. Today is no difference but the nothingness is actually really loud in my ears but it has a gentle resonance about it, like a bee humming or the wings of a hummingbird vibrating.

Just being aware of how my body feels, any aches and pains, any tiredness, to feel my breath move in and out, to hear it, to feel the warmth as it escapes. To know what the chair feels like beneath me, how I’m sat. To hear a gentle hum of farm machinery in the distance, the single bird that is sat immediately in front of me in the garden and absolutely no other sounds. To feel the touch of my fingers tapping the iPad and to smell the tea by my side waiting to be sipped.

I love nothing times.

When you have even just a few seconds spare just be aware, savour all that your senses provide and enjoy the nothing whilst you can.


One Reply to “Nothing”

  1. However to just peacefully stare into your loved ones eyes and hold that silence, that nothingness, that peace, wether the day has just begun or your day has just ended. Regardless of the opposite of life. Enjoy.


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