Feeling beautiful

As a woman I like to feel and look good and I’ve learnt over the last year to please me and no one else in the decision making. By pleasing me I naturally please others (those who care and matter to me) just by being happy in myself. When I feel good I make others feel good. It’s like smiling at someone, they automatically feel better when you do.

Yesterday I went on a shopping trip. Now I am not a good shopper and when it’s really busy, hot and I’m a little grumpy this doesn’t bode well. Did you know you can do an entire shopping complex and not find one items that appeals or when it does they don’t have it in your size or the colour you really wanted!

But…eventually with encouragement from those who know me very well, I tried one more shop. In the window was a duster coat that took me back to the 80’s. Not in style or anything but the me in that time. The flamboyant me. The loud me. The happy me. The ‘I don’t care what other people think’ me. No surprise that I bought the outfit. When you put something on that is right you just feel so much better and everyone else breathes a sigh of relief too !

Your journey can only ever start with you because it’s only about you. That isn’t being selfish, it’s not being uncaring of others or neglecting anyone else so stop right there if that is your reaction. Whether you know it or like it, the who you are and how you feel impacts everyone else around you so the better you feel about yourself the better everyone else feels too. I remember days where I came in from work and moaned, barked at the kids or worse didn’t communicate with anyone and why? Simply because I hated me, I was misterable, I was stressed, I was frustrated at being that person so gave that to everyone else. It’s was a sorry state of affairs.

Change has to happen. Change is not as difficult as you think. Change is a positive thing. Change could be the best decision you’ve ever made. Change begins with you and only you. Are you ready?


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