A fit like a hand in a glove

Once upon a time there was a hand that felt cold to the touch, permanently hurting from the cold and the loneliness of having no other hand to hold. There were hands but sadly circumstances made it so these hands could never come together as there was a broken bird that needed holding between them. The hand found a glove. A beautiful glove, warm, protective, one that loved it’s purpose of keeping a hand warm and it was a perfect fit.

Sadly the hand struggled with this glove and sometimes it wore it, loved it, cared for it deeply and looked after it like it was the most precious thing in its world and sometimes discarded it to the back of the drawer. The glove in turn kept that hand safe and warm and protected. It loved that hand so very much and knew it’s purpose was to keep it warm and protected for a lifetime, even when it was a lonely in the drawer with the discarded jumpers and socks.

The hand wanted the glove, the glove needed to be with the hand, it’s purpose was spoilt if not but many months went by and the glove gave up hope. Maybe the hand had got so used to the cold that it could no longer be comfortable with the warmth the glove gave. Maybe the hand had so much to hold that to let go of these to put the glove back on was too difficult, too dangerous, impossible. Maybe they had forgotten which drawer it was in. Maybe, maybe, maybe….

The glove had a gift, the glove had a purpose and realised that there were other hands that needed it. Many hands who need to be made to feel warm again, to be protected, sometimes from themselves, sometimes from others, hands of all shapes and sizes and so when they found this drawer and tried on the glove they found it fitted because that was what the glove did, it made sure that hand felt perfect again until it was warm enough in its summertime to go without the glove. 

The glove carried on serving but never forgot the cold hands that chose to put it back in the drawer, it realised it wasn’t a perfect fit for everyone and accepted that and wished those hands well but always added the caviat that they could find it in the same drawer, but it was their choice that was the key to access it.


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