Shadow to sunshine

I absolutely love what I do. I can’t even call it a job, the word doesn’t seem grand enough, beautiful enough. I have been given a gift; the gift of healing another human being and to see someone move from a dark, cold, uncertain place to one of sunshine, choice, happiness and peace is a blessing every time it happens.

Close you eyes and picture being on a cold street, grey, wet, solid. People are passing you by, heads down, grey, wet, sad, moving quickly and never interacting with another human being. If they want something from you there is no eye contact just a few short words and then they are gone again. There is no warmth, no respite from the chill in your bones, nothing but an empty feeling inside that knaws away like you’ve never eaten. You trudge along and the floor beneath your feet feels slightly sticky and you have to physically strain to allow your feet to walk along the path. 

Suddenly there is a wall in front of you, too high to go over and you have to make a choice on which way you go, one you can see is a continuation of where you are, the other you can’t really see at all.

Keep your eyes closed and I will give you a glimpse of the other direction.

If you are brave and take a chance on what might be at the end of the wall you will see what I see when I look to that place. It is warm, there is a vibrancy in the colours that you haven’t noticed in a long long time. There is noise and it seems to be directed at you, a noise you sort of recognise; it’s the chatter of people talking to you, happy chatter, light chatter, a joyful gentle noise that soothes your ears. There are people moving swiftly around all exchanging pleasantries and smiles and there is a  feeling of warmth emitting from them that feels safe and luxurious like a cosy blanket.

You find you are walking along with them, with purpose, travelling swiftly to your destination with an eagerness, purpose. You feel full, positive, ready to give this feeling to another and another and another.

Okay so which felt like a place you want to be? Do you walk in either of those places? Which one? If it’s the former we need to talk. I’ve been there and managed to find people to walk with who showed me a different way to get to the place I was always meant to be. I was just lost. There was no miracle, no rebirth; just growth, development, courage to choose and hands to hold along the way to keep me safe.

I’m ready to walk by your side on this journey that is called life but you have to decide if you are staying in the shadow or you want someone to walk with in the sunshine.


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