Finding home

For some time I have been on a journey on all levels but after recently completing a session  on vision boarding I found my reason – I need to find my way home. I’ve not been lost on a physical level and I know where I live but I have been lost on a spiritual level and home is me. My next journey is the road home and in finding home, in finding me, I will be in a place where I am free, energised, at peace and able to give me 100% to life with no hang ups or baggage, just an open mind, open heart and desire to be a better me.

Are you already home? Have you already walked your path? If you can answer yes then be proud and enjoy the moment. I have still got a way to go but as they say life is short and a time must come to us all where we see that if we don’t make change now or create the life and the person we need to be, it may be too late tomorrow. That not meant as a depressing statement as it is reality. One too many people I know have been given life sentences that are too short because of illness or sadly left this earth when their life was ended ‘early’.

I begin with nine areas of my life with just one goal in each, the list alongside for things to achieve is great but one step at a time is how it is to be. Believe it, feel it, do it. It is a simple but very focused approach and really asks you to look at what you want from life, how much you want it, its importance and what it will feel life when you achieve it. The question is if you don’t do it what will it feel like?

If you want to change who you are and how you live but do nothing, in two or three years time how will you feel? When you look at yourself in the mirror who will you see? I’m guessing just an older version of the one you see now. I promise you that if you make small changes, focus your thoughts and actions and make steps to change, in two or three years time it will be like looking at a different person; a much better version of you.

So are you ready for a journey, a journey into you? Are you a little bit scared because that is good, it means you want it and are ready. I have my initial nine steps home and I think you are ready to find the courage to decide on yours.


5 Replies to “Finding home”

  1. What if the chains that bind us cannot let us free? Is it still me in that mirror, or a prisoner of circumstance, or a winner for fighting through for what I should believe in?


    1. There may be chains but but they are made of is entirely up to you. Can you see them as more flexible? Can you stretch them? There are many options but as always it starts and ends with you and the choices you make. You don’t ever have to make them alone. You know that but again that’s a choice. We know this.


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