Rock the boat and do it differently 

I struggle sometimes with the speed of today’s world. We seem to pass through life so very quickly with our instant lifestyle, where we cook in a microwave for ease, we have our emails on our phones so we can answer them at all hours of every day and where if you don’t answer a message within 5 seconds people think you are ignoring them or being a bit stroppy. 

We are attached to our mobile phones and we appear to allow them to dictate our schedules, who we talk to, how we talk to them, how we get somewhere, what pictures we take and instantly publish everything we do, sometimes with very little thought and entertain us with online games when we are bored!

What about breaking the rules for just one day. What would your life be like if you turned off your phone and lived without it for one day? Would your world fall apart or would you simply find a different way of doing? Break all the rules and do things differently. Challenge yourself to think differently, act differently, communicate differently, entertain yourself differently. How empowering would it be to not be held ransom by a small electronic device that controls your every move?

How would it be for everyone to leave their phone at home just once a week, every week. Can you imagine? People would struggle with doing business I guess and I’m sure some would be traumatised by the lack of instant gratification we are all so used to but what about sitting on a bus or train or even across the breakfast table from your partner or kids and actually looking up and seeing people. Seeing people in real life not on a selfie, actually able to say and not type how are you, good morning or even hello and what about smiling and touching and the joy of simply acknowledging another human being.

I’m not being a stick in the mud or a dinosaur, I rely in my phone as much as the next person but I do think we need to step out of the expected world and be different and allow a long lost light into our life  that isn’t blue light.


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