A random act. For what purpose?

Yesterday I met a stranger and she apologised for not being quite with it but her brother had been in a motorbike accident the day before, was very poorly and she hadn’t slept. That’s all she said with words but her heart, her face, her body language said so much more. It said I’m tired, Is m really worried, I’m not sure he’s going to survive, I’m scared, I’m alone in my thoughts. I was heading for the supermarket and as soon as I went in I bought her some white tulips, took them to her and just said “please accept these to cheer you up”. Now I have no idea whether she thought I was mad, or whether she appreciated them or not or was embarrassed that a complete stranger gave her flowers but that really isn’t important. What was important was that she felt like for that moment she wasn’t alone and someone else cared. A ransom act of kindness is so important because someone for a split second feels loved and that may make a difference to their decision making process, or maybe bring them inner peace.
If you are feeling low and someone tells you that you look nice, even if you don’t want to agree there is a little buzz inside that appreciates the words. If you are sad to meet someone’s eye and see them smile just for you warms your heart. If you are angry that life’s not fair and someone offers you their ear, how quickly the anger dissipates. If a stranger offers you hope on a day where you have none how much more do you feel things are possible.
Your gift could be a smile, a hand to hold, a reassuring word, a pleasantry but always given from the heart. Without your love behind it there is no point in the gift, no energy in the gift, no hope in the gift.
Today a small challenge to you but maybe a huge impact to a stranger….. Lift your eyes from your phone, look out at the world and really see with your eyes. Who needs you today? Are you afraid of the rejection? Are you worried about what people will think? Are you scared? Well let me share this with you – it’s not about you! This is for another human being who needs support, building up, a light in their day. Don’t think too hard just feel it, do it and wish them well. One random act is all I ask.


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