Never be scared of being you

The pressure to conform, look the part, wear the right designer clothes, have the latest gadgets, eat the trending foods is all total nonsense is it not? At what point did a law get issued that you can no longer be an individual with your own style, thoughts, dreams, ways of working? When was it decreed that if you be the person you want to be that you will be shunned from society and be made to live on the outskirts of your peers and never be given time or space with them again? 

It hasn’t been I hear you cry. 

So why are you following the crowds and being someone you will never comfortably be?

If you reading my blog you are clearly looking for more from your life. You know that there is more to you, to being, to impacting the earth whilst you are on it. If you did not you would mutter “mumbo jumbo nonsense” and put Jeremy Kyle back on the tv. This space I hold is for those who are never scared of standing out, lifting their heads above the parapet and shouting out louder than anyone else so they can be heard. Why? Because they are stroppy, wanting to be centre stage and feeling self important? No. They simply know who they are and want to share themselves and all that they have to give, to others.

So why are you fighting with yourself? Why are you constantly wrestling with the conflict of being more than one person? Forcing a square peg into a round hole we all know is stupid, exhausting, time wasting and will always be a poor fit and a really bad choice, so why do it? You my friend are a beautiful, talented, gifted and generous square peg. Celebrate it. Love it. Love you. Give you, the square peg to the world. If they cannot see to make a square for you to fit into then you not meant to be there, wish them well and move on.

I am very much Claire shaped and I have discovered that fits in many, many fabulous spaces and people who see my value to their life always make space for me to be me in it. If they don’t am I upset, hurt, distraught, traumatised? Not any more. I accept that their space is not meant for me and wish them good day with my love and blessings. I’m no longer scared of being me. What about you?


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