Releasing the energy

It is a scientific fact that we are made up of energy. Everything is made from atoms, atoms are energy, therefore we are energy. When you think of us like that, fast, feisty, always moving, bouncing, being in contact with everything else that is also made of energy, does it give you a completely different vision of yourself. It does me and I will try and explain why. I am a very visual person so see, talk, hear in pictures. Other people are biased towards their other senses I realise that so will try and do this the best way I can. 

If I look at who I was, I see that my energy was low, I was sluggish, mindlessly bumping through life and with no interaction with others as I’d built a box, a wall, a barrier that I didn’t allow my energy to permeate. Today I am made of fast moving atoms, zipping around fast, darting from place to place, bouncing, hot, firey, touching everything and everyone they can to give and receive more energy. 

Yesterday I learnt that I can expand the distance I put my energy and so like ripples on a pond, or waves on the ocean I can expand how far my energy extends. I felt, I visualised my energy and I pushed it further away as I breathed. I have allowed my energy, my fire, my passion, me, to go beyond the boundaries I’d previously set and am allowing it to interact freely with that of another. It’s a powerful feeling. To allow yourself that freedom, that interaction, that sense of being much, much larger than just you is, for me right now, indescribable, I can only say it’s the hugest feeling I’ve experienced. 

It allows me to give another human being something they are lacking, will gain from, will then pass to another. Imagine that chain reaction as I pass my energy to one who in time feels it, understands they too can do the same and then does. Awesome. I can do little to influence religion, policitics, media, the decision making of others but if I can teach just one person to love, firstly themselves and then others, what a huge impact that can make in our world.

My gift is healing, my purpose is to heal and make a difference to another persons life, my mission is to do it in a way where people grow, develop, learn compassion and love for themselves and then reach out to others and do the same. My days are numbered like everyone’s but energy never leaves the earth…..


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