At the end of the day

I normally write my blogs from my morning meditations but on a Wednesday I have an early networking meeting so don’t get chance until the end of the day. It feels quite different working the other way round but today I am overflowing with so much happiness and gratitude I couldn’t contain myself until tomorrow morning.Are you able to recall that feeling you got as a child at Christmas or on your birthday where it felt like the days were never ending, the excitement was so huge it filled the world and you were that giddy you could hardly stand up never mind stand still. Or maybe the feeling when as a teenager you met your first love or fancied someone in your class and every time you saw them your heart would skip a beat and you’d feel flustered. That excitement and emotion is filling me today and more importantly it is starting to feel like this every day. By the time bedtime looms I could fill an entire book with the gratitude I feel. 

This is so far from where I have been so indulge me for being so damn happy. I even make myself nauseous with my own happiness some days ! I wish I could bottle this and give it away to anyone who needed a brighter day. I seriously have enough to share.

If any one of you is having a bad time right now please believe me when I say that with courage to change your situation, surrounding yourself with people who care for you, are positive and want you in a better place, developing and taking time to work on and look after you and being honest with people on where you are, how you feel and what you need from them you WILL get to a place where you are happy. You WILL move from your shadow to your sunshine. Finding and loving yourself is the most important thing and don’t torment yourself with what ifs and maybes or suggesting that you don’t deserve time to be given to you. Only those who don’t care about you would give you those thoughts!

There are certain people in my life right this second who I can never say enough thank you’s to. There are those who have stepped up on my darkest days and those who have brought and still bring me sunshine. There are old friends and new and they are all part of the me I found again and if you lift your eyes, hold out your hand I promise someone will step forward and hold it. In fact mine is stretched right out and ready for yours to be placed in it….. Reach. It’s not that far. 


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