The written word 

We often hide behind our words, particularly now many, many conversations are done by text. A dangerous way to have a conversation as it can lead to confusion and mistrust and can lead to people who mean a lot to each other falling out in a bad way. Why do we rely so much on text rather than actual speech nowadays?

There are so many beautiful words in our language. Words that flow off our tongues and give another heart, hope, peace, reassurance or answers. Many, many years ago I received a love letter, handwritten, full of thought, love, emotion and written with care and attention and to express a feeling that is really difficult to write down. We were a long distance apart and mobiles were in their infancy so it was this or a landline (remember those!). Although the love didn’t last the letter did as it was such a beautiful thing to receive and I still have it to this day, no attachment to the person but their emotion at that moment in time is captured forever and it’s precious.

I may be a dinosaur in a fast moving technological world but I love the idea of someone sat with a pen and paper, releasing their feelings and emotional connection to another onto paper and that person reading it and feeling those emotions releasing themselves from the page to their heart. It’s a beautiful vision. 

We’ve lost the art of letter writing. I remember as a child being made to sit down after birthdays and Christmas to write thank you notes to those who had sent gifts. Nowadays, if the child is even reminded to send thanks, they will probably pick up their own mobile or iPad and send a short “thanks for the present” with little thought and sadly even little knowledge of what the gift was. Now I know this is probably a cynical statement and I am sat hopeful that this is the minority but it is reality in today’s world. I’m old fashioned and like a child with manners.

The written word can act as therapy or release and I know that when I’m having a bad day or feel a bit cross I write it down and if it’s a person that I have allowed to make me feel this way I write them a letter expressing myself. Rarely is there a need to actually send it and it ends up in the bin when I realise how unimportant me feeling that way is, but the actual writing has released the pain, hurt or anger and it’s passed. In fact the need to express myself is where my blogging came from, beginning with ‘A Redicovered Life’. 

It’s cathartic to sit and let words flow and worth trying if you haven’t done so yet. People have so much to say, so much to offer the world that stays locked up inside because they are either too afraid to let words go or don’t know how. The only advice I can give is to simply begin. Write one word, one sentence and see where they take you. They may take you to magical places, across the seas, in amongst the stars, to the heart of someone you love or right back to you.

A challenge! Find yourself a pen and paper today and begin….. Let those words out, let those emotions flow, say what needs to be said and enjoy the journey those words will take you on.


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