Touch the sky with your hands

At what point in your life did you stop dreaming? Was it when the bullies taunted you at school? When those around you told you people like you never get anywhere? Or was it when you got married? Had children? When you got knocked back for the third time for a job you rally wanted? Yesterday?

Whenever it was you can still live that dream and touch the sky with your hands. Why not? It’s your life after all so the only person saying you can’t do that now is you. We put off so much in our lives with the excuses of I don’t have time, it doesn’t matter, it’s not really for me, it will take too much time/effort/money….. The list is endless. 

If you don’t make you a priority what are the consequences? I can already hear you saying but that really selfish! No it is not! If you don’t love yourself, give yourself what you need what use are you to anyone else. A little part of you will always be in your dream, on a bad day you will always go there for sanity and then get frustrated that you aren’t there for real and take another step in that spiral towards mediocrity. 

If you don’t make a priority of yourself what have you got to give? I have loads I hear you cry! I would do anything for anyone! Get real, that is not sustainable. At some point you will drain yourself totally of any energy you possess and stop giving or give only with resentment.

If you don’t make you a priority how will you feel at the end of your life as you look back, as there is no forward to look to. 

If you become the best version of yourself you have everything to give. You have energy, dreams, desire to do, time, space, momentum, laughter, a smile to give away, a touch to brighten someone else’s day, patience, freedom to think, love. The list is almost endless because whatever you want to give away you have with plenty left inside because making you a priority continually tops up your personal reserves.

Try it this week, in fact why wait, try it today. It’s Monday and people tend to struggle to motivate themselves to get to work after a lovely weekend so take some time for you to listen to music, read a few pages of your favourite book, hold hands with the person you love or speak to them on the phone if they are away, play with your children for an extra few minutes and never mind the washing up. Do something fun, do something you want to do and fill yourself up. Touch that sky with your hands, it’s really not that far away.


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