Look up, summers come

I have spent pretty much my whole life wanting to know what was coming next in life. So focused on the future and it’s possibilities that I’ve missed spring and much of summer. The last few days have shown me that I need to look up not forward. What I have here and now is here to enjoy, nurture, enjoy, live in. What happens tomorrow is all related to what I do and how I live today, this morning, now.

I know what I want for tomorrow and I’ve put that out to the universe, I don’t need confirmation I just need faith that it will be. I finally have that faith and it’s massively empowering.  In your life have you ever wanted something so bad that all your focus went to working towards it then one day you realised your wishes? That is exactly what I’m talking about.

I am so blessed to be living in this life, right here, right now. To know that sleeping upstairs I have a son who is kind, caring, loving, bright, fearless and many miles away I have a daughter who is living her dream, intelligent, wise, loving and beautiful is proof itself. I am creating my business, shaping it daily, working hard, growing it with my own hard work and determination and support from people who mean so much to me. I am loved. 

We get into patterns of living, always wishing for more, always wanting the next best thing, always wanting to know if there is more out there for us that we forget to appreciate what is happening right here, right now. If we are meant to travel, cross continents, meet new people, have new adventures then they will happen whether we plan them in or not but if we spend our days searching for them, working out how best to get them and being so focused on the end result that we will wake one day to find its winter and we missed it all. All that we’ve done, achieved, loved and laughed in, we have only been a spectator to. We have missed out on being the main player in our own lives and it’s gone.

I’m not suggesting we don’t dream, I’m not suggesting we don’t wish for better, for more, for love, for new, for exciting, for good health, for all that we as human beings desire. I am suggesting you look at today, now, who you are with, what you are doing, where you are and appreciate all that you see, feel, smell, taste and touch. It’s called life and it’s short and we mustn’t waste a single second by wanting more and not being grateful for what we already have. Your future will come and your future will be what it will be. It’s not easy but by bringing yourself back to the now when you find yourself wandering will eventually become second nature and you will be truly living the moment.

Thank goodness I realised before Autumn or winter came and I’d wasted all the seasons in my life.


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