Inspirational blindness

What a week of meeting people who make a massive impact on me. Yesterday I listened to a lady who spoke but didn’t hear her own words like we did. She spoke with such confidence about her plans, with such passion about why she wanted to achieve them and swiftly followed her ideas with comments similar to ‘I don’t know my purpose in life’.Oh my how blind we can be sometimes. This lady is an amazing speaker, a teacher, and a facilitator and has no idea how inspirational she is to those around her, those that work for her and those who simply sit on the sidelines and listen. I wanted to record her words and play them back to her and ask her to listen to the woman on there as she was clearly a different woman to the one she sees in the mirror. 

We can become so focused on the busy that we don’t see the achievement sometimes. We see the long hours, the hard work, the effort, the time away from doing things we think we should be doing. STOP. If you are spending so much time and effort on something your heart believes in, it is exactly what you are meant to be doing, it’s your role, your purpose, your passion. Enjoy the work because it will be providing others with more than they could ever achieve by themselves.

Why do we get so fixated on job title? Without a title people think they have no job, no role. Title does not mean purpose. A title is simply a label to categorise us easily in someone else’s mind. What you do and how you do it and the impact on others is your purpose and you will know if it’s the right one for you. Enjoy it, be thankful every day that you have something to offer the world and congratulate yourself on the way for recognising you have a purpose and then carrying it out. Don’t focus on what you haven’t done yet, appreciate what you have already created.

It is sometimes better if you don’t question. Accept. If you constantly strive and focus on how you will achieve something, the answer evades you. If you have an idea and your heart and your gut are telling you this is what you need to do, simply begin in the faith that you will work it out. If you procrastinate it will pass you by and someone else will achieve it or even worse it will never exist except in your head, think of the impact this would have to the people who need your work most. If it’s a business opportunity what’s to lose by trying? If it’s something you are passionate about at least you will enjoy the journey. Yes it may twist and turn and head in directions you didn’t plan for but its your path and all you have to do is follow it. Have faith.


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