Feeding the inner you

Yesterday I took about an hour and a half out of my working day to meet with a lady I recently met. The old version of me would have either not taken the time out or felt guilty for not working but now I see these times quite differently. These times out are absolutely critical as this was feeding the inner me, the compassionate me, the silent me, my very soul. Only when this inner me is fed and loved can the achievements be attained, the hard work accomplished, the knocks be accepted and the past left behind.

This lady has a beautiful peaceful resonance about her and we just connect. She is like a portal to the inner part of me, my faith and I could have talked to her all day. It’s very difficult to describe but she brought things out of me on a spiritual level that I had long since forgotten or put away because I couldn’t see what to do with them. She recreated moments in time, emotions, people from the past, special moments I had long since put aside and reminded me how beautiful they were and how much they meant to me.

If they were so beautiful why had I put them away? Quite simply they were too painful. They reminded me of times that could never be repeated, moments with people I loved who no longer stood by my side, lost moments never to be regained. Because of the state of my mind in times gone by I put them away as happiness was forbidden, I didn’t allow myself such luxuries, I didn’t deserve to remember nice things, I wasn’t worthy. Now I see that to be the best version of me I can be, I need these to grow, to learn from, to recall and enjoy and remember.

Do you have memories you can physically step into? You can hear the noises around you, smell the aroma in the space you occupy, feel the emotion like it’s happening now, see the people as if they are in the room. If you can, no matter how they make you feel don’t lose them, don’t lock them away, don’t avoid for fear of hurt. They were with you to learn from, to reenergise the inner you, to remind you, recharge you, reactivate emotions in you…..so many reasons.

This lady, whether she realised it or not, gave me back a part of me I had partially locked away, partially ignored and was scared to have back. She gave me safety. She gave me peace. She gave me energy, a peaceful, most blissful energy. We’ve only just met but the impact is huge and long lasting. She was my blessing yesterday and I am truly thankful for her. 


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