Curve ball damage

Tell me how is it possible that life can be going along very nicely thank you and one small, insignificant happening throws your head into chaos? The peace you had, the order, the emotional resonance that was still, is all suddenly thrown into chaos. 

The universe sends us curve balls. You hardly ever see them, you certainly never expect them and they can hit you really hard as the speed is set for warp. Curve balls don’t have to be bad things and on this occasion it is far from that but it does bring energy, chaos, new thoughts, emotions, noise and for what? To damage? To hurt? To wake me up? To take me away from safety and to make me feel alive? I have no idea whether it’s all, some or none of those but this one surely managed some of these.

A fire has been lit, a spark created, a passion aroused but I have no idea what to do with it or what the universe is trying to say. There is water, there is a land I don’t know, an eagle that soars and a person I don’t recognise, don’t know, may never meet.

This curved ball has pierced me and is living under my skin. It’s created an itch I can’t reach to scratch. It’s caused a crater that’s feeling empty. It needs more than a sticking plaster, it must have touch and emotion and feel a hand in a hand, warm, tender and true.

The universe has thrown me a curve ball and there is damage. Part of me loves the feeling it has given, the breathlessness, the excitement but there is also a sense of loss and I don’t know what any of it means or where to take it. The universe has sent me a curve ball and I have to trust that the universe knows what it’s doing and that is will also show me or point me towards the road map to enable me to know what to do and which way to go.

Curve ball damage has caused a magnificent chaos of colour and sparkle and fizz – let’s see the fallout unfold…..


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