The best is yet to come but enjoy the now

People are funny creatures in that we tend to fall into three distinct categories, all of which are varying in size. There are those who live in the past, some of whom won’t want to leave, some can’t leave and some would like to hop on the next bus out of there. There are those who live in the future, the dreamers, the planners, the avoiders of reality. Then there are those who live in today. Now it may be just who I meet, but this group is the smallest of all as I have found very few people live for now but that is not a criticism, it’s a difficult place to be and needs a really strong sense of who you are, courage and assured self worth.

I truly believe we need a balance of all three. Well maybe balance is the wrong word as I must be clear as I don’t mean equal. There is nothing equal required here but a healthy mix is vital for happiness.

The past, whether good or bad is who we are today. It’s because of what we have seen, heard, experienced and the choices we have made that we can look in the mirror and see who we are. Now, whether you look and are comfortable with what you see or whether you would like to change some or all doesn’t come into it. You must accept what you see as you cannot change what has been.

The future, for me, is a good place to focus on. You can neither live in it, experience it or guarantee what it will be but you can shape it and set the present so the future is a positive one.

The present, the place we are all in at all times but maybe we aren’t as aware of it as we could or should be. It’s a place we should enjoy, appreciate, choose to be and really live in. It’s gone so soon and becomes the past far too quickly. Be present for the people you love and spend time with. Create an environment where the future will be positive, assured (as best we can) and enjoy every single minute. Avoid the desire to continually look back with wistful and what if thoughts or dream all day of the future. The present is fleeting so savour it, be in it, make sure that when it becomes the past you look at it and say ‘thank you for giving me this wonderful now and promising future’.

The future holds so much excitement, so much possibility. Thank the past and leave it where it must stay, look ahead and see the potential of your future and enjoy the now, the day, the moment. Be present in the present and the future will be all you dream it to be.


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