The voice inside that must come out

We all have something to say in our lives. You may not think it life changing for someone, you may not think it profound but how you impact someone else with your words may never be known. Following that thread then, what if you stay silent? You definitely won’t inspire, show affection or love, educate or communicate any thoughts or emotions that you have. What is the worse that can happen and what are you afraid of?

I used to torture myself when I wanted to speak. I used to sit in meetings and practice what I was going to say for so long I never actually spoke up. I tripped over my words and never expressed what was in my head and was then frustrated that I wasn’t heard. I stopped talking because I felt I had nothing to give. Looking back, and it’s really not that far back to look, I feel frustrated with the person I see there, tormenting herself, lacking in the confidence to speak up and voice her opinion, keeping silent when words should have been said. She, I, didn’t feel anyone wanted to listen but now I know there are things I should have said. They will now sit in my memory as lost conversations, lost moments and will never be experienced. A waste.

We could live a long time on our “what if” statements couldn’t we? Instead I have learnt to see them for what they are and ensure I never miss the chance to be heard again. I vow to speak up when I see wrong doing, when someone needs to be told the truth, no matter how tough, when my feelings need to be voiced and when I have an opinion, as I now know it’s valid. 

This doesn’t always make you popular you know! Sometimes it can be taken the wrong way, but that’s for you to repeat in ways that make it understood. Some people don’t want to hear, even if you eloquently speak and have the intent to care, to love, to support. Some aren’t ready for your words. Sometimes you will misinterpret a situation and say the wrong thing but as longs as you recognise this and find the apology you will be forgiven. 

When you do choose the words, when you voice them in the right way, when you say them to the person who counts, it’s the most amazing feeling. Being listened to is one thing, but for your words to be heard is something else. You feel valued. You feel strong. You feel courageous. You feel empowered and you feel wanted.

Standing on a mountain top shouting at the winds passing by is therapeutic but ultimately voiceless. Speaking to another person and seeing your words affect them in a positive way and feeling their sense of emotion in return is priceless.

So when are you finally going to say the words inside? Tomorrow? Too late. Try today…..


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