It’s not about me

I spent a long time soul searching, repairing, looking at myself – but to what end and for what purpose? Was I being selfish totally focussing on me, finding out what makes me tick, who I am, where I am meant to be on this amazing planet of ours? I have had moments where I would have answered yes and then tried to justify why. Now, today as I sit here I can honestly stand tall, strong, proud and true and say no I was not being selfish. Living that whole looking inward period has been a life saver, it’s been growth, it’s been a happiness creator and it’s allowed me to stand today and say “this life – it’s not about me”.

Today I am proud to face the world and say whose life am I changing today? Who needs me? Who wants me to stand by their side and be their strength, their guide, their hope, their dream maker, their energy giver? Because it’s not about me and my demons sit with my ego in the back seat, I can tell someone it’s possible……

It’s a powerful thing realising the world does not revolve around you, your needs, your dreams and when you face yourself and say it’s not about you, you empower yourself to be the best version of you that you could ever be. You give yourself permission to live and be the person your have always meant to be. You allow yourself to stand strong and firm in your belief and this is like a beacon of light to others. You become a giver in the purest sense of the word.

You don’t need to go looking, they will find you. You shine like a candle in the darkest of nights. You glow so beautifully you are irresistible to those who need you. There is no failing, there is no selfishness, there is only the gift of giving, listening and holding hope and belief for someone who isn’t yet ready to use their own.

You sometimes need to look inward to find the you you are meant to be and that’s okay to do. Give yourself permission. 

It’s not about me. It’s all about you and that makes me amazingly happy. So whose life shall we change today?


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