I will do it tomorrow 

How many times have you heard yourself say “oh I’ll do that tomorrow”? How many times have you never seen it though? How many things have you missed out on? Why do you do it? Quite simply it’s called procrastination and you are missing out on so much by putting life off.

Twenty years ago I woke up to the idea that life deals you crap sometimes and tomorrow isn’t going to arrive and that someone has just missed out living their dreams, seeing what they wanted to see, doing what they really wanted to do. Why? In this case it was because she was too young and spent her life living for everyone else instead of herself. I wish I could just turn the clock back to give her another day to spend it doing everything she dreamed of. One more day to be who she wanted to be instead of everyone we (society) pressured her into being. Selfless, a fabulous mum, a loving wife, a perfectly beautiful grandma, a Christian, a friend. At what point did she get to be the title she was given at birth….. Margaret?

Don’t get me wrong, selfishly I’m glad she was all of these amazing things because it meant I had just the best upbringing anyone could ask for but I wish I could give her one day to see, do, act on, feel and enjoy all the things she missed doing because she was called to another place and time. 🎶One more dawn, one more day, one day more🎶.

When you wake and look at the day ahead, week ahead, rest of the month what do you see? Do you have it planned out? Is it an open and blank page ready to be written? Do you have bits filled in but are leaving the rest to chance? What about this time next year? What about two, three, four years time? Where are you going, what are you doing? What about today? What do you know you have to do? What do you need to do? What do you want to do? Where do you want to go and with whom? Do you want to do the same as yesterday or last Sunday? Do you want to try doing something you’ve never done before? Maybe you can and maybe you can’t but maybe if you really try you can plan it in.

These don’t have to be big things, just something that makes you feel alive again. It could be talking to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, it could be holding the hand of the one you love in peace and quiet with no interruption, it could be singing, writing or even reading the paper in peace. By all means climb a mountain, take a flight to a tropical rainforest, visit one of wonders of the world but whatever it is enjoy it, live, find freedom and most of all find peace in your heart and don’t put life off until tomorrow.


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