Lay your hands and bring peace

When I am stressed, upset, needing comfort all I need is the touch of another human being to let me know it’s all okay and life isn’t that tough. To not have another human being make contact must be very, very lonely. I am blessed to have friends around me to bring me peace.When I see one of our older generation alone, lonely, sad, needing help there is an overwhelming desire to talk to them, touch their arm, hold their hand, sit a while and listen. That maybe the only physical contact they have had in a long, long time. A small child who is upset and crying, and yes I know Hesse days it’s probably frowned upon, but these children need a hug. They need to grow up knowing that one human being can provide comfort with a hug and it is our God given duty to provide such comfort when another is in need. 
I am blessed to lay my hands and bring peace to another every single day as a massage therapist and give thanks every day that this gift has been provided to me. Whether it is a body broken down by sport or exercise that needs repair and putting back on the road to recovery to begin again, or a stressed set of muscles that need new life or maybe a person who is just finding life too much and needs to be taken to a place where there is space to let them breathe and let go, it is my gift to them to give. How lucky am I?
I have an energy in me that was created to bring peace to another. Now that may sound airy fairy or a bit weird to some but it’s true, it’s what I do and who I am. We are all, at the end of the day, made up of energy, every scientist will confirm that, but sometimes it gets a bit confused, a bit out of kilter and needs realigning. My joy is that I can lay my hands and do exactly that. Every human being needs and deserves to be the best version of themselves they can be and this is not possible if you are emotionally or physically damaged and out of line. Massage is simply a means to bring the energies within to a level (and this will be different for everyone) to a place of peace.
Remember when you go about your day how important touch can be. Don’t be afraid to touch, to give comfort with a hug, to hold the hand of a loved one. Without touch we are nothing. Without touch we are bereft of emotion and we will never find inner peace.


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