Risk or opportunities?

At what point do we see a risk as an opportunity? At what point do we say that the size of the risk is worth it? At what point do we get paralysed by risk and make no choices at all? Risk is a very strange creature and we have to accept he is in everything we do in varying degrees. We take risk when we drive our cars, when we go walking in mountains, when we use the carving knife on our Sunday joint, when we put all our money into a business, when we let our children grow and become their own people. It’s there and it’s not going away so we need to work out how we manage it.

I’ve never been a risk taker when risk has been too high. But then again my version of high may vary, it will certainly vary to that of my friends and family and it may vary from day to day dependent on my mood or the circumstances that present themselves that day. In fact there is the chance that give me the same risk on different days, I may well make totally different choices. Suffice to say in my life I’ve never been a huge advocate of risking everything. Until now!

In just six months I have given up my steady, well paid, relatively secure job, started up a business where only in my heart can I be sure it will work and put mine and my families lives as we know them, at risk. I guess when you start to take risks you may as well make it a big one ! 

So why now and what possessed me to take such a big risk? In very simple terms because it’s the right time and because I have never looked at is as a risk just the opportunity of a lifetime to make a difference to my life and that of my children. See when you turn a risk into an opportunity and add your ‘why’ to it, it takes on a whole different image, feeling, sound. 

What would have caused my heart to beat too fast, my temperature to rise, my stomach to knot and the worry to begin no longer has the ability to do this because I believe in me, I believe in my ability to achieve my dreams, I believe this is right for me and mine, I believe to is my destiny and I am wildly passionate about who I am becoming, what I do and where it has the opportunity to go. Yes I may have no money coming in, yes I may be under pressure to conform, yes I may have people looking at me with pity or despair but I say “watch this space because the biggest risk of my life is becoming the biggest joy”. The biggest risk for me now would be to stop and never try.

When I get out of bed without a care or a worry, just a desire to start my day, when I eagerly get dressed for another adventure, when I meet with positive, caring people who make my life a joy, when I get into bed at night and say thank you with love and genuine honesty, that is when I know my risk was the right one to take. My risk was huge but my risk is the opportunity of a lifetime that I’m not prepared to waste.

So I ask you, as I always do, what is your risk level, what’s paralysing you, how can you make your risk an opportunity and are you willing to reach your final day and wish you’d taken the risk that is in your heart right this minute. What have you got to lose? Even if it’s everything, is the risk of not trying to make life better for you or your family worse? Don’t live with regret, or fear just judge whether it’s a real risk or whether you can turn it round to an opportunity then make a choice.


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