The energy of life

So what is energy? We use the phases ‘they are full of energy’ or ‘I have no energy today’ so what are we describing? It’s appears to be the bounce, the fizz, the very lifeblood of who we are and how we function. When we perceive it’s there we are on a high, when we perceive it’s gone, we fall low.

Energy is with us, it is us, it doesn’t come and go and we can’t lose it. Energy is what we are made of, those atoms we are created of jump, hop, bounce and fizz incessantly each and every day and this is our energy. Now it may wane sometimes and we can pick up on others energy which can be positive or negative but it’s always there and will never go away. I don’t believe that even when we are dead it leaves, I believe there is always a trace of who we are and that’s the energy we created.

Being a massage therapist I work with energy all the time and much of the time I find it’s stuck. Yes that is possible. It may be that some injury is physically blocking the flow or the mind is holding it all back or creating road bumps. My purpose is to work with this energy and get it flowing again. 

Think about it, you are tired, you have a headache, you have sore shoulders and do not feel at your best on the energy front. Someone lays their hands on you, massages the muscles to take away the stiffness, allows you to relax and let your thoughts go; you have space, you have time, you are relaxed. Suddenly you feel the energy to get up and get on with life again so it must have come back to you? No it never left, it’s simply flowing again. Blockages are released, you’ve had space to just be and the energy is allowed to flow again. As a therapist there is noting more humbling than seeing someone leave looking lighter, happier, relaxed and breathing again. We hold so much stress in ourselves that I wonder whether some people ever know what relaxed feels like. 

If you are willing to stay and follow this journey we will look at life, it’s issues, the resolutions we can create and make ourselves better versions of us. Fancy the journey with me?


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